Monday, January 25, 2010

The etiquette of folding letters

I once worked with a workshop presenter who would submit his paperwork to me folded into a little rectangle. He used a regular number 10 envelope, but folded the sheet of paper six or eight times, until it felt like a little plump cushion inside the envelope. It always irked me to receive a crumpled document, and I wondered if he might be sending out other important documents in a similar fashion.

Thanks to the question posted earlier, we can address this topic:
Is there a special way to fold a business letter (8 1/2 x 11) before placing it in the envelope? Should the folded side or the unfolded side be seen when the receiver opens it?

Business letters are typically mailed in number 10 envelopes, which require that the sheet of paper be folded in three. To fold a business letter, pull the bottom of the letter towards the top (to right below the address) and crease it. Then pull the top part of the letter down until the edges meet and crease it.

Insert the letter into the envelope right side up. In other words, the person opening the letter should be able to look at it and read it without having to turn it around.

When mailing a letter, also make sure that the paper is not bent or rumpled (prior to folding) and that it is clear of any stains.

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  2. Oh great! Finally I found a useful way to send the business letter folded in envelop without erasing or crushing the paper. And yes, it is important to make sure that the paper is free from bending and rumbling before folding it. I got some similar information from here:

  3. That looks like a really ‘useful reference’, thank you for that, and for taking the time to read. I feel even more passionate about suicide prevention than ever!