Monday, January 25, 2010

Punctuation with quotation marks

Thank you for your welcoming comments. I would like to address one of the questions that was posted earlier - should punctuation go before or after quotation marks at the end of a sentence.

The rules vary somewhat for different punctuation marks. Periods and commas, for example, always go within the quotation marks. It does not matter whether the period or comma belongs to the quote. For example,

"Annie," he said, "don't close the door."

Question marks, semicolons, colons, and exclamation points may go inside or outside of the quotation marks. That typically depends on whether the punctuation belongs only to the quote or to the entire sentence. For example,

Brian asked, "What is the time?"
When do you plan to discuss "The Wednesday Sisters"?

Hope this helps. Please keep submitting questions.

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